Goodbye blasts,

Hello conversations

The days of 2% website conversion are over. 

Emotive scales emotionally intelligent sales conversations with 100% of website leads to skyrocket revenue.

One-way blasts get lost in the noise.

Email open rates are on the decline as the channel continues to saturate. 

Your customer's don't want to receive mass SMS blasts (20%+ opt out rates).

The solution? Build authentic relationships with your customers on their preferred channel. 

"We saw an immediate 30% spike in our mobile conversion rate after installing Emotive"

Hannah Spencer, VP of eCommerce, Pair of Thieves

Scale 1:1 conversations with leads to increase your on-site conversion rate

Engage leads gathered through pop ups, abandoned carts, or social media followers with personal text message conversations to skyrocket conversion rates. 

Human-verified AI scales 1:1 sales conversations that convert

Build branchable multi-step workflows to automate sales conversations. Conversations are verified by Emotive's human team to add a personal touch and ensure 99% response accuracy. 

Automatically route undetected questions to customer service

Emotive's human-assisted automation can handle over 90% of sales conversations. When customers ask one-off questions that are undetected, conversations are automatically routed to your customer service team. 

Send SMS and MMS

Send SMS, multimedia messages, emoji's, and GIF's.

Advanced Segmentation

Pull data from your eCommerce platform to personalize targeting.

Real-time Analytics

Measure performance metrics with attributable reporting.

Custom Flows

Edit messaging flows at any time with flexible customization. 

1 Click Integrations

Integrations as easy as one click: no need for a developer ever.

TCPA Compliant

Emotive deploys best practices for compliant messaging.